Friday, 5 April 2013

Two Abstracts in Oils

This painting and the one below are not yet completed. In fact they are part of an ongoing process in which I am attempting to create as much variation in my work as I can to prevent repeating myself. For instance, the intention in the image above was to expose the initial underpainting by going back to it once the surface had dried. Then painting over it using just one colour; namely, Cadmium yellow: with white added to it to vary this slightly in other areas of the canvas. So essentially, the shapes are formed by masking off areas of the underpainting to allow it to grin through rather than painting them in later over a yellow background. This sets up a conflict between background and foreground. At least, insofar as they have little in common with one another, apart from setting up a further conflict between what we understand as negative and positive spaces within the composition. There is also a conflict between these amorphous shapes; with no relevance to, or association with things you might recognise in the real world, and the underlying geometry: which is something you would recognise, or associate with. In the image below on the other hand, the object was to destroy the geometry.