Friday, 7 December 2012

Two More Thumbnail Sketches

After my previous post yesterday, I decided to tackle two more thumbnail sketches on my iPad using the same technique. The one above is drawn from memory and imagination, just as the second one is below. Although tomorrow looks like being a nice bright day, if not a little cold. If so, I shall take a drive out and have a go at painting some more thumbnails from observation. That's the real test. Working directly from nature can often be daunting. Finding a good subject can be even more so.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Two Thumbnail Sketches

What I particularly like about painting on my iPad is the speed with which I can work. For making visual notes such as this one, and the one below it is ideal. For these two thumbnail sketches, which I did from memory I used the pencil and the technical pen on ArtRage. Although I like to add a little texture with the roller, or block in the colours very quickly with the paint pot, the technical pen can be applied over the whole drawing in bright transparent colours without having to go around the drawing itself. On a separate layer above the original however, it would mask what is underneath. The opacity of the colour of course, determining how translucent, or opaque the colour is.